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How to Connect and Pair JBL Headphones and Earbuds with Bluetooth Devices

Having wireless headphones has become an essential part of my daily life. As someone who is constantly on the go, I rely on my Bluetooth headphones to listen to music and podcasts wherever I am. Of all the wireless headphone brands I’ve tried, JBL is hands-down my favorite.

The sound quality, comfort, and battery life of JBL headphones are unmatched. But to truly experience amazing JBL audio, you first have to successfully connect or pair your JBL headphones.

Pairing JBL headphones to your devices is extremely quick and easy. I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process I use to pair my JBL headphones each time I get a new device.

Whether you have JBL Bluetooth earbuds, on-ear headphones, or over-ear headphones, these instructions will guide you through pairing seamlessly.

How to Connect and Pair JBL Headphones
How to Connect and Pair JBL Headphones


  • Put your JBL headphones into pairing mode by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for 5-7 seconds until the LED flashes.
  • Enable Bluetooth on the device you want to connect the headphones to – like a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Select the JBL headphones name when it pops up in your device’s Bluetooth menu. Accept any pairing prompts.
  • Confirm the headphones are connected by listening to audio or music. Successful pairing allows wireless playback.
  • JBL headphones can pair with up to 8 devices, allowing you to switch between different devices easily.
  • Troubleshoot pairing issues by resetting devices, moving them closer, removing obstructions, updating firmware or factory resetting.
  • Pairing JBL Bluetooth headphones only takes seconds once in pairing mode. Follow the step-by-step guide for a quick and seamless connection.

Putting JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode

The first step is to make sure your JBL headphones are ready to pair. Turn on your JBL headphones and press and hold the Bluetooth pairing button.

On most JBL headphone models like the JBL Tune 750BTNC, this is the power button. Keep holding it down for 5-7 seconds until the LED light starts flashing red and blue. This indicates the JBL headphones are now in pairing mode.

If your JBL headphones don’t have a dedicated Bluetooth button, you may need to press and hold the power button instead. Refer to the user manual for your specific JBL headphone model to locate the correct Bluetooth pairing button. Getting your headphones in pairing mode is crucial for the device to recognize it.

Turning On Bluetooth on Your Device

Now that your JBL headphones are ready to connect, you need to make sure the device you want to pair them with has Bluetooth turned on.

On Android phones and tablets:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Connections or Connected Devices
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Toggle Bluetooth on
  5. Make sure it is set to be discoverable

On iPhones and iPads:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Bluetooth
  3. Move the Bluetooth switch to the On position
  4. Make sure it is set to be discoverable

On Windows laptops and computers:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on Devices
  3. Select Bluetooth & other devices
  4. Toggle Bluetooth on
  5. Click Add Bluetooth or other device
  6. Make sure visibility is set to Show me

On Mac laptops and computers:

  1. Click the Apple menu
  2. Go to System Preferences
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Check the box next to Turn Bluetooth On
  5. Select Show Bluetooth in menu bar to make your device discoverable

On smart TVs:

  1. Locate the Settings menu
  2. Go to Network/Connectivity settings
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Turn on Bluetooth and make sure visibility is set to On

On gaming consoles:

  1. From the home screen, go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Devices/Accessories
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Enable both Bluetooth and visibility/discoverability

Keeping Bluetooth enabled and discoverable allows your headphones to easily find and connect to your devices for wireless listening.

Connecting and Pairing JBL Headphones

Once Bluetooth is on, your JBL headphones should pop up in the list of available Bluetooth devices. The name is usually something like “JBL Tune 220TWS” or “JBLLIVE400BT”. Tap on the headphones to initiate pairing.

If prompted, accept the pairing request on both your headphones and device. You may have to enter or confirm a passcode, usually 0000.

After a few seconds, your device should confirm that the JBL headphones have been successfully connected or paired. You’ll know the pairing with your JBL device was successful if you can listen to music and sounds wirelessly through the headphones.

If the pairing failed for some reason, simply repeat the process again. Make sure to disconnect or unpair existing paired devices if you face issues.

With certain JBL headphone models like the JBL Reflect Flow, the process can vary slightly. You may need to press and hold both earbuds simultaneously to put them in pairing mode. Always refer to the user guide for pairing instructions specific to your JBL headphone model.

Pairing JBL Headphones to Multiple Devices

The beauty of connecting JBL Bluetooth headphones to different devices is the seamless switching ability.

To pair my JBL Live 650BTNC headphones to a second device like my iPad, I simply follow the same steps again while the headphones are in pairing mode. Make sure to disconnect from existing paired devices first and only connect to one device at a time.

Now my JBL headphones stay paired to both my iPhone and iPad. When I want to switch devices, I simply turn on the headphones and select them from the Bluetooth menu on that device. The best JBL headphones can store pairing information for up to 8 devices.

Troubleshooting JBL Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing issues can arise occasionally even with reputable wireless headphone brands like JBL. Here are some common troubleshooting tips I use to fix pairing problems:

  • Reset both your JBL headphones and your device’s Bluetooth connections by turning them off and on again.
  • Make sure your headphones are charged and turned on in pairing mode. The LED should be flashing.
  • On your device, go to Bluetooth settings and forget or unpair the headphones, then redo the pairing process.
  • Try moving your device closer to the headphones or removing obstructions when pairing.
  • Check if your headphones need a firmware update for connectivity improvements.
  • As a last resort, press and hold the power and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously to factory reset.

Following these simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll be wirelessly rocking out to your favorite playlists on your JBL Bluetooth headphones in no time. Whether you invested in popular models like the JBL Tune 225TWS or the JBL Endurance Peak II, pairing them is quick and painless.

With phenomenal JBL sound quality, up to 30 hours of battery life on certain models, and the ability to pair to multiple devices, Bluetooth JBL headphones are perfect for everyday use. So grab your favorite pair and get ready to experience legendary JBL audio untethered.


Press and hold the Bluetooth pairing button or power button for 5-7 seconds until the LED light flashes red and blue. This indicates pairing mode.

Reset both devices, ensure Bluetooth is on, move closer together, and forget existing pairings before trying to connect again.

Most JBL headphones can store pairing information for up to 8 devices for easy switching between devices.

If prompted for a passcode during pairing with your JBL speaker, enter 0000 or confirm 0000 to complete the pairing.

The pairing process only takes a few seconds once your headphones are in pairing mode and Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

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