AfterShokz Not Turning On (How to Fix)

For the past year, my sibling has been utilizing AfterShokz earphones without encountering any problems. However, recently he faced a situation where his earphones wouldn’t power up.

I conducted a study on his behalf to resolve the issue.

If you’re unable to power on your AfterShokz, here are the possible reasons for this issue along with solutions to resolve it.

 AfterShokz Not Turning On 

If your AfterShokz headphones won’t power up, this may happen because of software issues, a completely drained battery, a defective charger or charging port, a broken power button, or a damaged battery. To troubleshoot your AfterShokz, try resetting them, give them some time to charge, swap out a malfunctioning charger or clean the charging port, fix the power button, and if all else fails, make a warranty claim.

AfterShokz Not Turning On

If you’re unclear on how to execute each action, continue reading to master everything from initiating a reset to invoking your warranty.

 1. Reset Your AfterShokz 

The initial step you need to take is to restart your AfterShokz since the majority of problems are usually caused by minor faults or errors.

The most effective method for eliminating technical issues is to restart your headphones.

To initiate a reset on your AfterShokz, please proceed with the steps outlined below.

  • To switch off your headphones, hold down the Volume Up button for a duration of three to five seconds.
  • Begin by activating the pairing function of your headphones by holding down the Volume Up button for a duration of 5 to 7 seconds. Once this is done, the headphones will power up and the LED light will start blinking alternately in red and blue colors.
  • Hold down the multifunction button along with both the Volume + and Volume – buttons at the same time for a duration of 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Switch off your AfterShokz; it has now been successfully restored to its default settings.

 2. Charge For Sometime 

If the reset wasn’t successful, it’s recommended that you plug in your headphones to charge for a period of time, ideally between one and two hours.

At times, your headphones may be completely out of battery, resulting in a longer duration needed to recharge them and turn them on.

Should charging your headphones briefly not fix the issue, consider these alternative suggestions.

 3. Inspect the Charger 

If you’ve been charging your AfterShokz for a while and it still won’t power on, it’s time to examine the charging unit.

It’s evident that there’s an issue with either the magnetic charger or the charging port, which is why your headphones aren’t charging properly.

Begin by purifying the charging port of the charger and headphones using isopropyl alcohol.

In case the initial method fails, try using a different charger to test your current one. Should the headphones begin to charge when connected to the alternate magnetic charger, it indicates that the previous charger is defective.

In this situation, acquire the latest magnetic charger by purchasing it from Amazon.

 4. Inspect the Power Button 

Make sure to examine the power button on your AfterShokz, which also functions as the button to increase volume (+).

It’s possible that your headphones won’t power up because they are either jammed or malfunctioning.

If the button appears to be loose or jammed, it is advisable to examine it and then seek assistance from a technician for repairs.

 5. Damaged Battery 

Another cause for your headphones failing to power up could be that their battery has sustained damage.

If the battery is dysfunctional, your headphones won’t maintain their charge, which means they will not power up.

Regrettably, it is not possible to substitute the battery in your AfterShokz headphones.

Therefore, in this situation, it’s recommended that you attempt to reset your headphones. If that fails to resolve the issue, please proceed to consider the subsequent advice.

 6. Return Headphones 

Should you find that no methods are effective for you, it’s advisable to seek assistance from AfterShokz specialists.

Nonetheless, they’ll likely advise you to attempt the standard diagnostic steps you’ve already undertaken. Hence, my recommendation is to proceed with returning your headphones.

Visit the AfterShokz warranty section to proceed. If your AfterShokz purchase was made within the last two years, you qualify for a return.


If your AfterShokz headphones won’t power up, consider trying these troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your AfterShokz headphones.
  •  Charge for sometime. 
  • Examine the charging cable and the port where it connects.
  • Examine the power button (which is also the button to increase the volume).
  • Bring back the headphones and exchange them for a new pair.

How can I activate the Bluetooth function on my AfterShokz headphones?

To turn on your AfterShokz headphones press and hold volume + button for 3 to 5 seconds. After 5 seconds your headset will turn on.

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