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AfterShokz Not Charging (Try These Tips!)

My buddy has been utilizing AfterShokz headphones for several months without any issues. However, recently, he encountered a problem where his headphones wouldn’t charge.

I conducted the investigation necessary to resolve this issue on his behalf.

If your AfterShokz headphones aren’t charging, there’s no need to panic. Below, you’ll find the reasons why they might not be charging along with solutions to remedy the issue.

 Aftershokz Not Charging 

 If your AfterShokz is   not charging The issue might stem from a faulty magnetic charging cable, unclean charging ports, issues within the software, or a worn-out battery. To resolve these issues, you should swap out the charging cable for a new one, clean the charging ports, reboot your headphones, and if needed, get a battery replacement.

AfterShokz Not Charging

To learn how to carry out various tasks like performing a reset or cleaning, continue reading.

Consider using a different magnetic charging cord.

Initially, give an alternative magnetic charging cable a shot (which is purchasable on Amazon) to power up your AfterShokz headphones.

Since the charging cable serves as the sole method for supplying power to the headphones, they often fail to charge primarily because of a faulty charging cable.

Thus, if your AfterShokz headphones are successfully charging using the replacement cable, it indicates that the original cable was defective.

If your headphones still won’t charge, consider trying these troubleshooting steps.

 Clean Charging Connectors 

Despite using a new charging cable, the issue remains unresolved. Your next step should be to carefully clean the charging ports on both the headphones and the cable.

To clean your headphones, you’ll require sandpaper and a gentle brush, such as those used for earbuds. Begin by using the sandpaper to scrub the connectors of the headphones to loosen the dirt, then follow up by brushing away any residual debris with the earbud brush.

Additionally, after cleaning the headphones, tidy up the charging cable using the same method. Once you’ve cleaned it, connect the charging cable and check to see whether the headphones start to charge.

 Reset AfterShokz 

If your AfterShokz headphones continue to have charging issues, it is recommended to perform a reset. This is because charging problems can occasionally be caused by software malfunctions.

The most effective method to eliminate issues with headphones is by restarting them.

To restart your AfterShokz, follow these steps.

  • Deactivate your headphones by holding down the Volume Up button for three to five seconds.
  • Begin by activating the pairing mode on your headphones. To do this, hold down the Volume + button for a duration of 5 to 7 seconds. Once activated, the headphones will power up and the LED light will blink alternately in red and blue colors.
  • Hold down the multifunction button along with both the Volume up and Volume down buttons at the same time for a duration of 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Power down your AfterShokz, and it has now been effectively reset.

Once you’ve reset the headphones, verify if they start to charge. If there’s still no response, try resetting them another two or three times.

 Fully Discharged 

If your AfterShokz headphones are completely out of power, they will require a longer period to recharge.

Thus, in this scenario, it is advisable to bill them for a duration of one to two hours, regardless of the status of their LED light—flashing or otherwise.

In this scenario, their LED light will begin to blink once it has been charging for several hours.

 Temperature Problem 

If your headphones have become too hot or too cold, they will not charge.

Headphones are designed to function within a specific temperature range, and if they are used outside of this range, it could lead to malfunction or harm to the equipment.

Therefore, you must either normalize their temperature or allow them to reach the usual temperature before connecting the charger to your headphones.

They will begin charging.

 Faulty Battery 

If the aforementioned strategies fail to resolve the issue, it is likely that there is a problem with your headphones’ battery, which is preventing them from charging.

If the battery becomes defective, it will fail to maintain its charge, causing your headphones to remain inoperative.

Therefore, it appears the sole solution one might consider is to replace their battery. Regrettably, it is not possible to swap out the battery in your AfterShokz.

To find a resolution to this issue, please refer to the subsequent paragraph.

 Contact Support 

Should the aforementioned solutions fail to resolve your issue, do not hesitate to contact the AfterShokz customer support team for assistance from their knowledgeable staff.

Nonetheless, if your AfterShokz are still covered by warranty, you have the option to exchange them or get a refund.

Normally, AfterShokz offers a two-year warranty, so my suggestion would be to exchange your pair. Similarly, when my friend encountered an issue, we sent them back and received a replacement set.

You have the option to assert your warranty on the AfterShokz official website. Alternatively, if your purchase was made at a nearby retailer, you are entitled to request an exchange from them.

How can I tell if my AfterShokz headphones are in the process of charging?

As you insert the charging cable into your headphones, a flashing red LED signal will indicate that they are actively charging. Conversely, if AfterShokz are not charging, the LED will remain unlit. Should this occur, refer to the troubleshooting advice provided earlier.

Is it possible to overcharge AfterShokz headphones?

Avoid charging your AfterShokz excessively as this could harm the battery, which incidentally cannot be replaced. Therefore, refrain from leaving your headphones connected to the charger overnight.

Does AfterShokz Offer a Warranty That Lasts a Lifetime?

No, AfterShokz does not offer a warranty for a lifetime. Your AfterShokz headphones are covered by a warranty for a period of two years only.


In the event that your AfterShokz headphones fail to charge, you might want to attempt the following solutions for resolving the issue:

  • Try another magnetic charging cable.
  • Ensure the connectors on both the headphones and the charging cable are free of dirt and debris.
  • Reset your AfterShokz.
  • Charge for a few hours.
  • Bring their temperature to be normal.

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